A Note from the Pastor – Pastor Andy Gambino
Prescott Valley Bible Church


You can fight it, you can try and resist it, but life is all about change. Sometimes it*s welcome, and we root for it. Other times it*s the last thing we want or saw coming. One thing is certain though, when change comes, it will bring both opportunities and dangers. Join us for this new series, “Ready or Not.” where we’ll learn how to not only survive the transitions of life but to thrive in the midst of them.

Let’s face it, we live in a world that is always changing. Some people call it progress but I am not always so sure that it is the right name for it. But what you do in a world that continues to change. Right now, many people believe that there is no right and wrong and that everything is subjective. Our Church service has been blocked in some countries from the people on the internet. They have told us that the Christian message is too exclusive, when in reality, Christianity is the most inclusive religion in the world. People are trying to remove monuments that have bible verses written on them in government places. People have tried to steal Christmas from Christ. I heard someone say that there was no room for Jesus during Christmas. The world is changing ready or not, here it comes. So what are supposed to do, run and hide? Keep your faith to yourself?

I want to invite you to a new series starting June 16th titled “Ready or Not” It is one series you can’t afford to miss.